stablished in 2007, Pasargad Property Development Company (Pasargad PDC) started operations in 2008 backed by the brand of  the Pasargad Bank and using decades of experience it's and emphasis on constructive Partnership with property developers and professionals through following values:

The belief in the goals mentioned in the national Economic, Social and Cultural Vision Document/Manifesto

Commitment to the Islamic Banking regulations and believe in Principals ruling Pasargad Bank 

Respect to intellectual and legal property and respect to third party rights

Respect for Environment, following citizen rights and protecting human rights

Development and expansion of communications, interaction and partnership with organizations and colleagues

Admiration and Respect to the employee and partner’s rights

Adhesion to professional and ethical principles and respect to partner’s rights and interests














No.56 - Padidar street of Didar Avenue - Nelson Mandela Blvd - Tehran - Iran

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