Maysa shopping center is located in a well known neighborhood of "Heravi " area. Maysa offers an easy access from two main free ways of Imam Ali and Sayad Shirazi free way, along with a Heravi subway station making it attractive for the shoppers to avoid heavy traffic of Tehran. The architectural  design of Maysa blends in with other local shops in this neighborhood. Natural materials have been used for the exterior of the building with an easy flow of shoppers within the inside of the complex. Maysa offers a variety of goods in which provides  the shoppers with  their needs, including family clothing, electronics and brand name house hold products. In order to keep up with new technology Maysa offers an IT center over 1000 square meters. There are various restaurants that are serving the best quality persian and international dishes along with a food court and roof garden restaurant that has an attractive design with the view of the city of Tehran. Maysa has 110 shops that are accessible with designated elevators. The entrance of Maysa and the grand hall has an inviting environment with high ceilings of 15 and 27 meters to bring in the natural lighting from the outside, along with it's amenities Maysa offers a grand 6th floors parking space to house 240 automobiles for the shoppers that are intrested in food shopping. There is a grand super market measuring 1400 square meters offering variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products. Maysa offers a game center and play area for the convenience of customers whom need care of their children.

Project specifications

Project name



No 109 - Shahid Moosavi St- Heravi square


Commercial -  Services - Parking


(Square meters)

Ground after correction


Total area


Commercial net


Restaurant and food court net


Number of floors

(floors commercial 3floors restaurant and food court- 6floors parking-5 ) 14

Owner information

  Mr.Mohammadnejad and partners (4 shares of 6) - Pasargad property development company(2 shares of 6)

The date of the contract of purchase of the arena


Project possition

Sales information






No.56 - Padidar street of Didar Avenue - Nelson Mandela Blvd - Tehran - Iran

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