Niavaran shopping Center

Niavaran shopping and office complex is located in one of the prime location of Tehran. The project is 40000 square meters, built as a mix land use for a grand commercial and office center. There are 14 business units and a food court located ground floor. The complex includes 500 parking spots. To keep the privacy of commercial spaces there are separate elevators to keep the privacy of office units. Niavaran complex is going to be an added value to the neighborhood of this prime location in Tehran with steps away to the grand subway station that has access to all the main lines runing from north to south circling the city of Tehran.

Project possition

پروژه نیاوران

Sales information

Opposite to Dezashib exit -Shahid Bahonar St - Qods square







No.56 - Padidar street of Didar Avenue - Nelson Mandela Blvd - Tehran - Iran

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